A Fishing Trip for Every Season

Muskie, walleye and northern pike fishing trips in Minnesota

Big Fish Guide Service offers guided fishing trips for every fish and in every season, at the finest lakes in central Minnesota. We bring a lifetime of fishing knowledge and years of guide experience to your trip, so whenever you go, you’ll be sure to catch something!

We offer guided fishing trips for individuals and groups to go after the following types of fish:

Best time frame: June-End of December

Muskellunge, also known as muskies, are a species of large freshwater fish native to North America. The largest member of the pike family, muskies are known for their speed and strength. Because they are such a challenging fish to catch, muskies have been called “the fish of ten thousand casts.”

Spring time frame: (stream trout) Mid April - Mid May, Ice season trout

Spring time frame: Mid-May-June

Ice time frame: December-End of February

A freshwater fish native to Canada and the US, the walleye is a popular sport fish for anglers. Walleyes feed most frequently under low-light conditions. “Walleye chop” is a term used by anglers to describe rough waters due to the walleye’s increased feeding activity in those conditions.

Spring time frame Ice out-June

Ice time frame: December-Ice out
Panfish is a term that covers a wide range of game fish. It refers to any fish that is large enough to legally keep, but small enough to fit in a frying pan.

Northern Pike
Spring time frame: Mid-May-June

Ice time frame: December-End of February
Northern pike are a species of carnivorous fish that live in brackish and fresh water. Their aggressive nature and predatory instincts make Northern pike relatively easy to hook. But their large size makes actually catching them a worthy challenge!